It’s Veterans Day. To show my appreciation, I’ve posted an older poem I wrote in high school about soldiers coming home from war. It’s a little rough around the edges but it gets the point across.

A special thanks to those who have fought, and or, are fighting to protect our country.

You are in our thoughts.

– Rae

Military Picture

Coming Home

The inside of the plane

was hushed,

each passenger lost within

their own thoughts, fears,

and excitement.

As they came to a stop,

a collective sigh

resonated from the group

as one.


they had faced


loss, and


Their anxiety of the upcoming

separation was plain –

they had become

brothers in arms.

One by one they went

down the stairs into

a new beginning,

their pasts forever


Cheers outside invaded the quiet,

collectively they

wept in joy

combining tears with

spontaneous laughter as

husbands and wives kissed,

parents embraced,

and children danced.

The mending of

something broken was taking place.

A song started to play in


the flag rose in silent pride,

its colors symbolizing

a nation’s birth



For they had arrived.

The soldiers had come home.