Heartbound Book Review

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Heartbound Book Review

By: Rae

“I wanted her to notice me, to pay attention to me. It was an irrational desire, one I‘d never experienced before.”
― P.I. Alltraine, Heartbound

I must admit I originally thought this story was a spin off or fractured version of Peter Pan. I mean someone on the cover was flying… I thought fairy dust was involved. After committing this cardinal sin of books and judging by the cover (something for which I apologize for), I found the story overall interesting. The language was different, slightly formal, and some of the words were unique to the story itself. But I had a sense of sophistication while I read this – like I was convinced that the other worlds, realms, existed.

Heartbound is set in London, England where lead protagonist 18 year old Petyr is on a mission to help his realm understanding the secrets of the human world. Petyr has the gift of intelligence. In a sense he is a human computer – just a whole lot faster. Armed with his ability to hide his emotions, control the wind (hence the flying/jumping), and his calculating mind, Petyr and three other beings join the human world. Being an elite member of his race, basically expected to be a leader and a secret weapon of sorts, Petyr never thought he would be tempted by the Forbidden. But while blending in at a university, he meets Scarlet and all his common sense disappears.

The cliched love story of boy meets girl takes a twist. While some of it was predictable, that didn’t take away from the overall plot and arc of the story. Nor did it ruin the richness of the characters. Petyr is tempted by the Forbidden. Scarlet struggles to accept something out of this world (literally). Petyr’s friends, friends being somewhat of a stretch here, Nero, Dru, and Kara must decide where their loyalties reside. Petyr is perhaps the most relate able character of the novel. He is torn between his duties and feeling something (love) that he doesn’t understand. He is willing to give up everything for Scarlet. He is in a constant state of back and forth… love can really confuse a person. But how does Scarlet feel? What is she willing to give up?

I continue to struggle with the ending of this book. Will there be a sequel? Will Petyr let go of his guilt? What is happening!? The end just sort of happened and I kept trying to find another page to continue on with the story. Besides the ending, overall the story was rightly paced and full of beautiful scenery that I wish I could see for myself. Some of the side characters, namely Scarlet’s brother and Evan, really added to the story. I wish there had been more backstory on Petyr and his world instead of just a bunch of secrets that I really wanted to know. It was all so mysterious and open-ended I hope there is more in store for Petyr and the others.


What Others Are Saying –

Anyone who loves fantasy stories will enjoy this book and learning about the love between a simple human girl and the centuries old male she has the power to destroy. I thoroughly enjoyed the book!” – Entrada Book Reviews
I found this book very interesting and not really like one I have read before. I absolutely loved Petyr’s character and I thought the author did a fabulous job of making him seem like you really didn’t understand humans. The way the author made the characters try and understand the human things they were learning had me cracking up at points.” –  fanaticalparanormalromantical


For a love story that spans the realms, order your copy of Heartbound today!


Check out more about P.I. Alltraine here!

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