The Cupcake Witch Review

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The Cupcake Witch Book Review

By: Rae

“Stars, of course,” I whispered. “Chasing stars” – Poppy Lawless, The Cupcake Witch

Meet Julie Dayton, an average girl in college studying to get a practical degree in dentistry. Everything changes after the death of her mother. No longer does Julie have to follow her mother’s dream for her. Julie hates dentistry and is failing her classes. Her heart isn’t in it. She loves to bake, to experiment with healthy recipes. Will she make the choice to be happy or will her mother’s death continue to haunt her into being realistic?

Struggling to approach her father about dropping out of college, Julie jumps at the chance to take for sale signs over to a property the family inherited from a distant relative. Soon charmed by Chancellor  and the festivities, it doesn’t take long for Julie to realize that Mrs. Aster’s property called Serendipity Gardens is the perfect place to start her new life. Julie calls her father, tells him she wants the property, and looses herself in a vision of a bakery with a tearoom and tea gardens she will call Green Earth Apothecary & SerendipiTEA Gardens. She thinks nothing of the old box she finds full of recipes or the lingering scents of jasmine. Outside she is in for yet another surprise that she didn’t expect.

Meet Horatio Hunter, a not so average guy with a big heart, a love for theater, and a rich background. Horatio lost his mother to cancer and has been his father’s whipping boy ever since. Without his mother to be a buffer between him and his father, Horatio struggles to appease his father and follow his own dreams of becoming the Executive Director of Chancellor’s Art Council.

As a member of Chancellor’s prestigious wine family, Horatio lacks in confidence more than he lacks in money. Unable to say no to his father, Horatio agrees to go to Serendipity Gardens and make an offer that couldn’t be refused in order to turn the property into a parking lot for the new restaurant his father is opening. Literally colliding with Julie, he is surprised by the instant attraction that flares between them. Charmed by her, he soon realizes that in order to appease his father he needs to get Julie to sell Serendipity Gardens but in doing so will risk loosing a chance with the only girl who has truly caught his attention. Not willing to have her dream taken away Julie cuts him off and leaves after some feeble attempts on Horatio’s part to get her to sell.

The story continues with magic, love, and more!

I came into The Cupcake Witch by Poppy Lawless without realizing this story was the second book in The Chancellor Fairy Tales series. Charmed like Julie I fell in love with the quaint little town of Chancellor, the other characters, and the little Tudor cottage that contained magical delights. It was a pleasant surprise that while there was a touch of fantasy in the story, it was overwhelming obvious or in your face. The three elder woman, friends of the deceased Mrs. Aster, are meddling in a good way of course! I wish there had been more of a background for Mrs. Aster – who seemed to have a number of pinning man in her wake. Some things seemed a little cliched but it didn’t take away from the story. Overall my only real complaint was that the story was so short! I just wanted to know more.

Lawless does a great job weaving together a story full of three dimensional characters whom readers end up cheering for. The storyline is tight and to the point, where readers know as much as they need to know and are left to speculate about the rest. I know myself the idea of chasing stars is inspiring and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series and see what else is in store for Chancellor. I don’t want to give anything away, so go out and grab a copy of The Cupcake Witch today!

Together Horatio and Julie must follow their dreams along with the help of family, friends, and three elderly women that are more than they seem. Will everything work out or are Horatio and Julie just chasing stars?

Click here for more information about author Poppy Lawless!

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