Fire In Frost Review

Fire in Frost

Fire in Frost Book Review

By: Rae

“I knew that being a psychic wasn’t ever going to be easy.” – Alicia Rades, Fire in Frost

In Fire in Frost, author Alicia Rades introduces Crystal Frost, a teen who used to have an imaginary friend before being told she needed to grow up. Her mom, a tad eccentric, and friends run a Halloween store in town. Her dad died when she was young. Crystal is a sophomore in high school just looking to survive the drama. She plays volleyball and has two best friends to help keep her sane. Typical facts about a normal girl. Except everything changes when a headache is more than it seems and Crystal sees a dead girl – or the ghost of one. Will Crystal believe in her fate? Who will she tell? Can she trust anyone?

Olivia Owen died last year from a tragic accident. Crystal knows this, everyone knows this because it was a tragic accident and it is a small town. So why is Olivia asking her for help and what is she supposed to do? Not to mention no one else can see her. After meeting more of the novel’s characters – Teddy, an officer and Crystal’s mom’s boyfriend, Derek, Emma, Justine, and Kelli – readers learn that Crystal is a psychic, something that runs in the family on her mom’s side. Being psychic explains the feeling Crystal had of missing something important. Turns out that imaginary friend when she was younger was real too. As a medium, Crystal can see ghosts – but she can do more too. This makes her special. This also makes her life really complicated now… especially when she is supposed to help a fellow classmate.

All in all, I liked Crystal. She seemed real to me. I thought she would have freaked out a little more, maybe even rebelled from the fact that her mom had hid this from her but she didn’t. I think Derek had to be my favorite of the characters, and the least explored. I wanted to know more about him, his relationship with Crystal, and his crush on *cough cough.* He didn’t readily believe that Crystal was psychic, while that must have hurt, it was more realistic, to me, than Emma’s ready acceptance and desire to be psychic too. Then there was the dad. While he is dead, I did want to know more about his relationship with Crystal. Will he play more of a role later? Actually I wanted to know more about everyone. The tidbits we got, while not too wordy or in your face, were so vague. The story was tight and well planned but definitely could have been longer. The little girl who is lost and her kidnapper is never resolved! At least Crystal hasn’t run into ridicule yet but there is more to the story that has yet to be told. I will have to wait till book two to see what happens to Crystal and her friends.


Click here for more information about author Alicia Rades!

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