Hi everyone! In honor of 2016 coming to an end I’ve decided to share a short picture book story I wrote.

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The Little Monster & The Itchy Pants

By: Raven Eckman

One night, while a little boy named Henry slept peacefully under his Superman sheets, there was a “swishhhh” sound from underneath his bed. A set of eyes peeked out, followed by a fuzzy hand, and out popped a little monster.

“Ta-Da!” he said, holding up his hands in a mighty pose. A “shh” came from the closet and the little monster “hmphed.” He just wanted someone to play with.

“Sorry, momma,” he replied obediently, rolling his eyes as his little sister started to cry.

The little monster tip-toed towards the bed and stared at the strange thing drooling on the blue pillow. His fuzzy hand rose to poke curiously at Henry’s flabby cheek, only to jump back at a loud snore. Henry sounded like those trucks that came once a week in the morning to get the trash.

He tripped over a pair of shoes, “Ewwwww!” They smelled funny.

Blinking in the darkness, the little monster sneaked back towards the bed. “Psst,” he tried. He waited a few impatient seconds before trying again: “psst.” There was no reply and the little monster became sad for he was very lonely.

The little monster hung his head as he went over to stare at himself in the tall mirror that stood in the corner. “Grrr arghh,” he said, then made funny faces at himself, but that didn’t cheer him up,

Two nights ago when the little monster had said “hello” to Henry, the little boy ran screaming for his mommy and daddy to protect him from the scary monster. It had hurt the little monster’s feelings.

“I’m not so scary,” he reassured himself only to ask, “Am I?”

The little monster thought this over for a moment before saying, “I mean… sure I have more hair than humans do…” He looked at himself in the mirror, admiring his red colored fur. He grinned before trying to pat down the wayward piece of hair momma called a cowlick.

“And I don’t wear those funny things called pants,” he said.

Just then, he spotted a pair of pants laying on the floor. “I could try though,” adding, “maybe then Henry won’t find me so scary.”

I want to be just like Henry, thought the little monster as he rushed over and grabbed the pants, but how did he put them on? “Hmmm…”

First he tried to wear them as a hat, wrapping the flimsy material around his head.

That’s not right,” he said, peering out from the pants that had slipped down to cover his eyes. “Oops,” the little monster giggled.

Next, he tried to put them on his arms. “I don’t think this is right either.” He held out his arms in front of him like the zombie, Mr. Bob, who lived in the backyard. “Grrrr mrpghh,” he said mimicking Mr. Bob as he stumbled around.

Finally, he tried to put them on his legs, pulling them up and tying the string into a messy knot. He looked in the mirror. “I think I got it!” he said happily. He tried to walk backwards, only to trip because the pants were too big for the little monster was barely four feet tall. Giggling, he danced around, slipping and sliding, before coming to a stop by the closet.

Momma!” he called, “Momma!”

His mother saying, “One minute, Boo.”

Impatiently the little monster waited for his mother to appear. He was just about to call again when the closet door creaked open and his mother looked down at him.

Before she could speak, he asked, “Notice anything different about me?” He waved his arms around while doing a silly pose, trying to ignore the pant’s itchiness, as his mother studied him.

No, Boo. You look the same,” she said, hiding a smile.

Humpff!” he whined as he scratched his leg.

Okay, okay,” she admitted laughing. “You do look a little taller.”

The little monster went to protest before brightening, “I do?” He had been trying to grow taller for weeks now because he wanted to be taller than Henry, who was tall for a five year old. His mother had said so once. Maybe he was finally growing!

Wait…” he pouted. “That wasn’t what you were supposed to notice!” Just then the pants started to slip down his waist. He grabbed them quickly, “These are so itchy!” he complained before placing his hands on his hips to hold them up.

I see,” his mother said, glancing over her shoulder as the baby started to cry, “Looks like your sister is hungry.”

Izzy can wait, Momma!” The little monster cried. His sister had become bothersome… again!

Booglie,” his momma warned, giving him the “you are in trouble, if you don’t start behaving look” he knew so well.

Sorry, Momma,” the little monster mumbled, looking down at where his feet should be, digging his toe into the carpet.

His mother gave him a hug, before ruffling his hair. “Go put those silly pants back where you found them and come get some breakfast.”

Nodding, the little monster walked back over to stand in front of the mirror. He puffed out his chest, and tried to look taller like he saw Henry doing some mornings when Booglie should have been sleeping.

See? Am I so scary?” he said after a minute or two, “No. I’m not scary at all…” He slipped off the pants and tossed them away “those things are so itchy! I can’t understand why Henry wears pants.”

With that, the little monster went to get his breakfast, not noticing the pair of eyes peeking out from under the Superman covers.

As the closet door shut softly, a little voice said, “No, he isn’t.”

Henry frowned, feeling bad for running away two nights ago when he had first seen the little monster, for he thought the little monster wasn’t so scary after all.

Henry added in surprise, “He’s just like me!”

The End.