Witch-y Wednesday: Poem – “In This One, The Bus Stop Becomes a Coven”

Meet Shani Carrington. Shani Carrington is a 22 year old, black, first generation American, born and raised in Philadelphia. Having recently graduated from Arcadia University with a BA in English literature and a minor in Pan-African studies, she is currently taking a gap year before attending law school next fall. As a poet, she has … Continue reading Witch-y Wednesday: Poem – “In This One, The Bus Stop Becomes a Coven”

Madness Monday: Poem – Untitled

Meet Megan Fehr. Megan Fehr is a graduate of English studies and pursues the art of poetry in her spare time. Writing was not always her marked interest until her love of languages and deliberate practice compelled her to manifest her ideas on printed paper. Megan’s handful of poems construes a serious, oftentimes melancholy, tone; … Continue reading Madness Monday: Poem – Untitled

Sneak Peek of Love Letters to the World

Here's a sneak peak of Meia Geddes' recently released book, Love Letters to the World! In this lyrical collection, Meia touches on helmets, life, love, toes, adoption, and more. A lot of things influenced the book, including Meia's adoption from China, her experiences with her small origami business (Make-A-Crane), and her time in South Africa. … Continue reading Sneak Peek of Love Letters to the World

Winter’s Breath

I love the transition between fall to winter. It is breathtaking and beautiful. In honor of that transition I wrote a poem to reflect the coming of Old Man Winter. Let the snow fall. - Rae “I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it … Continue reading Winter’s Breath

Their Grandmother’s Love

Good morning readers! So today is my grandmother’s 69th birthday (even though she doesn’t look over the age of 30 *wink*)! In honor of her birthday I’m posting my second attempt at a poem, something I wrote back in 2012 just for her. It isn’t the grandest, despite numerous tweaks, but it holds an important … Continue reading Their Grandmother’s Love

Coming Home

It's Veterans Day. To show my appreciation, I've posted an older poem I wrote in high school about soldiers coming home from war. It's a little rough around the edges but it gets the point across. A special thanks to those who have fought, and or, are fighting to protect our country. You are in … Continue reading Coming Home

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