Current Projects

In the Works

Project Title: SHADOWSPEAK
Project Status: With a beta reader.

Once there was a girl who talked to shadows…

Two years ago, Rune Thorn escaped from the ostracized city of Wraith after being sold by her father for a debt he couldn’t pay and spending six years in servitude at the city’s brothel.

When Arden’s young prince is captured and taken to Wraith as a sacrifice for the city’s annual Bloodletting ritual to the gods, Rune is forced to return to the city, along with her brother and former lover, to play by Wraith’s rules once again.

Upon return, with a villain watching and another weaving lies, the shadows Rune has always seen and talked to reveal just what game she has been forced to play all along.

And the debt she has to pay may be too high to fulfill.

Tentative Project Title: MARKED
Project Status: Note making.

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