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  • I have experience with multiple genres in MG, YA, and Adult fiction.
  • Specialization in developmental editing.

Current Packages

Below are the current of packages I offer to help you achieve the results you’re after with your manuscript.

The Content Edit Package

Pricing: $2.50 a page

It’s time to nitpick!

Though this package is much like the reader package, I will go deeper into the manuscript with my commenting, editing, and suggestions on different sentence structures, character issues, plot changes and holes, scene additions, and more.

  • I will look the overall structure to make sure every aspect of the manuscript runs smoothly without hiccups.
  • Grammar and punctuation will be addressed upon seeing an issue.
  • Line edits are included with this package.
  • Edits and comments, along with any developmental concerns, will be made in-line via Word track changes and all documents will be returned within four to six weeks.

The Reader Package

Pricing: $1.50 a page

As your reader, I will read through the manuscript to check for missing or changed details, unexplained plot holes, delivered and undelivered story arc promises, and overall plot and character development content.

  • Light grammatical edits may be scattered throughout but the primarily focus is on a developmental critique.
  • Projects will be returned with comments in-line via Word track changes within four weeks.

The Writer Companion Package

Pricing: Based on project

Lost within the pages of your manuscript? Not sure where your characters are hiding? Overall feeling stuck and unsure on what to do next? This package is for you!

As an enhanced developmental edit package (refer to The Content Edit Package for more info), the added perks are:

  • Edits done for every 20-50 pages of your manuscript till completion.
  • Optional 15 to 30 minute Skype chats following your review on the latest round of my edits.
  • Optional weekly check-ins via text or email by me.

The Evaluator Package

Pricing: $50–$150+, depending on MS length

Just finished your latest draft? Just finished a reread and while everything seems fine, something is still missing? Have no fear, a manuscript evaluation may be just what you need.

  • A full read through of the manuscript will be conducted.
  • Upon return of manuscript, with light commentary made throughout; a single, one page typed Word document will be included that reflects the Editor’s overall evaluation of the MS – such as suggested edits, main concerns, and suggestions for next step in the process.
  • An optional 5-20 minute Skype chat can be included to discuss Editor evaluation once reviewed by the Author.

Package Notes

  • A sample edit of five pages is FREE for all first time clients.
  • ALL documents must be delivered to me double spaced in Times New Roman, 12pt font.
  • ALL sample edited pages are NOT included in the final package price.
  • Invoices are sent via Quicbooks or Paypal.
Interested in discussing a package? Learning more? Not sure what you need? Need help with something that isn’t listed?

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