Reign of the Fallen Review

*** Disclaimer: Super rusty at this. It has been forever since I wrote a review. I won an ARC of Reign of the Fallen at my local B-fest and all opinions are my own. Reign of the Fallen Review By: Yours truly – Rae “The giant Shade was baiting us. Hunting us, when we thought … Continue reading Reign of the Fallen Review

Guest Author Studio

Good morning everyone! Today we have a writing treat! One of our guest reviewers, Lexi, has given me a short story to share with you. Comments are appreciated, as she would love to hear your thoughts about her piece. Forever and Almost Always By: Lexi McCurdy I don't remember much about the funeral. I remember … Continue reading Guest Author Studio

The Glass Mermaid Review

  The Glass Mermaid Review By: Rae   “I was the last of us. And my time was nearly done.” – Poppy Lawless, The Glass Mermaid   Poppy Lawless presents a timeless novella that asks, “What would you sacrifice to save the one you love?” Ultimately I cannot answer that in this review for fear … Continue reading The Glass Mermaid Review

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