Short Story Excerpt: Beyond the Familiar by Jeff Young – Afterpunk Anthology

Meet Jeff Young. Jeff Young is a bookseller first and a writer second – although he wouldn’t mind a reversal of fortune. He is an award winning author who has contributed to the anthologies: Writers of the Future V.26, In an Iron Cage: The Magic of Steampunk, Clockwork Chaos, Gaslight and Grimm, By Any Means,... Continue Reading →

Amber Sky Blitz

  Amber Sky (C.O.I.L.S of Copper and Brass #1) by Claire Warner Genre: Dystopian Steampunk Release Date: June 2nd 2017 Summary: "You thought I did this out of the goodness of my heart?" He gave a short mirthless laugh. "Not a bit of it, this is going to be dangerous for me. What are you... Continue Reading →

Golden Dragon Blitz

Golden Dragon (Code Black #1) By V.E. Ulett Genre: Historical Fantasy/Steampunk Adventure Release Date: October 30th 2016 Summary from Goodreads: Romance, Intrigue, and Airships - Code Black Book 1 Miriam Kodio Blackwell is caught between East and West. When a Code Black arises she is recruited by Lord Q, head of British intelligence and airships,... Continue Reading →

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