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"A book is a dream you hold in your hand." – Neil Gaiman


YA blitz

Everything Under the Sun Blitz

Everything Under the Sun by Jessica Redmerski Genre: YA/NA Dystopian Release Date: August 28th 2017 Summary from Goodreads: Thais Fenwick was eleven-years-old when civilization fell, devastated by a virus that killed off the majority of the world’s population. For seven years,... Continue Reading →

Wings of Flesh and Bones Blitz

Wings of Flesh and Bones by Cathrina Constantine Genre: YA Fantasy Release Date: April 13th 2018 Summary: An Angel. A Witch. A Demon. And A Choice. Creatures from outer realms suck, as any gatekeeper worth their salt will tell you.... Continue Reading →

Dragon Raider Blitz

Dragon Raider by Ava Richardson Genre: YA Fantasy Release Date: March 28th 2018 Summary: Will adapting to a changing world make one young woman lose touch with where she came from? Far from the kingdom of Torvald, on the Western... Continue Reading →

The Final Six Blitz

The Final Six by Alexandra Monir Genre: YA Sci-fi Release Date: March 6th 2018 HarperTeen Summary: When Leo, an Italian championship swimmer, and Naomi, a science genius from California, are two of the twenty-four teens drafted into the International Space... Continue Reading →

Fire and Bone Blitz

Fire and Bone by Rachel A. Marks Genre: YA Release Date: February 20th 2018 Summary: In Hollywood’s underworld of demigods, druids, and ancient bonds, one girl has a dangerous future. Sage is eighteen, down on her luck, and struggling to... Continue Reading →

Control Freakz Blitz

  Control Freakz by Michael Evans Genre: YA Sci-fi Release Date: October 3rd 2017 Summary: Alone. Abandoned. Threatened. Natalie has lost all hope for a better future. Everything she’s known and everyone she’s ever loved is gone, and it’s up... Continue Reading →

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