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“Raven provided a thorough and timely beta-read for my manuscript. She offered up character development tips to strengthen emotions and impact, and highlighted inconsistencies throughout my chapters. Her copy edits and formatting corrections polished my work. I highly recommend working with Raven!” — Abigail Glenn
“Raven provided feedback in a timely manner. She assured me that my main concern was negligible, and suggested a few line edits to eliminate wordiness. Even after sending me her feedback, she was willing to help develop suggestions for pacing and clarity during crucial plot points. Supportive and delightfully helpful.” — Adelle Yeung, author of The Cycle of the Six Moons trilogy
“As a beta reader, Raven is very thorough in her editing. She does a very in-depth job in both copy editing and content editing. She is also able to suggest interesting ideas to better scenes and willing to brainstorm plot points. For anyone searching for a comprehensive beta reader, I’d highly recommend her.” — Viktoria Nikola
“Rae did an excellent proofread of my middle grade novel. Her suggestions improved my line-by-line narrative and pushed me to add emotional depth to the story. Highly recommended.” — Paul Janus

Developmental Editing

“Raven did an awesome job with her edits. You can visually see her professionalism on sentence structure and suggestions, as well as overall kindness that she puts out there for others. I am very thankful to come across her information and highly recommend her services. ” — Courtney M.
“Rae’s sample edit exceeded my expectations. To say that her instincts were spot-on is an understatement. She immediately “got” my characters, had a sense of where I was going, and offered suggestions that immediately tightened up my manuscript.  If you’re searching for a qualified and passionate editor who will challenge you to make your book better, look no further.” — R. Bazylak @bazlactica
“Raven was a great help to me in developing my story. Her insightful comments forced me to re-evaluate several major plot points of my story — which I needed — and greatly improved the story’s structure. She is highly recommended!” — Chris Kennedy, bestselling author of The Theogony series
“Editor Raven Eckman is a bright new voice in the literary world. Her insight into the dynamics of plot and character development, as well as her skill as both editor and alpha reader, made her ideally suited to help bring out the author’s true voice in a completed manuscript.” — Susanne Lambdin, Author
“Raven Eckman is a very capable reviewer who provides insightful and perceptive feedback that allows your work to achieve its full potential. She is well read, which gives her greater insight into effective description, pacing and character development. Raven also respects your ideas, so her commentary and suggestions are not ones of redirection but rather strengthen the final result. She understands that editing is not destructive but rather a constructive and cooperative venture. My work is simply better due to her efforts and they are greatly appreciated.” — Jeff Young, Author
“Raven’s thoughtful insights help me to better flesh out the characters and the story. She has a real gift for editing.” — Award-winning, multi-published Author Beth Trissel
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